Baldivis Children's Forest 

Connection ~ Education ~ Celebration ~ Collaboration 

Welcome to Baldivis Children's Forest

The Baldivis Children’s Forest has served the local community as a

centre point for environmental education since 2000. 

This 20 hectare public park is 50 km south of Perth and has been created and maintained as a

bushland reserve by children since it began.

It now hosts multi-award winning educational and conservation programs as well as community events.

The Forest has walk trails, information signs, an outdoor classroom, toilets, electric BBQ,

picnic areas, amphitheatre and artwork.

The Forest has a variety of walk trails for you to explore. Follow the signs or just meander the trails.
In the wet weather make sure you wear your gumboots to splash in the puddles and explore the wetland area.
In the warmer weather please keep an eye out for snakes and at the end of your walk check carefully for ticks.

There are no dogs, donkeys, horses or other beasts allowed in the Forest so please keep your four legged friends at home or in their paddock.

Outdoor classroom - home to excursions, community events and celebrations.

Outdoor classroom

The undercover area is a great space to use as a base for your activities. Accessible toilets and sinks are close by. This area can be used for excursions, birthday parties and other community events.

Our BBQ area - perfect for picnics

BBQ area

The electric BBQ is adjacent to the outdoor area and is free to use. Please note that if the fire danger rating is severe, extreme or catastrophic the Forest will be closed and BBQ's not allowed.

Our wetland area - bring your gumboots

Outridge Swamp Wetlands

Located on the east side of the Forest, the wetlands are incredible. Bring your gumboots and follow the one way trail.

Look out for the kangaroo highway!

The calendar below shows our events and any facility hire bookings
that are scheduled to be in the outdoor classroom, BBQ area or amphitheatre.
These bookings have priority over any other user group in those areas.
The walk trails are open for use for anyone.