Baldivis Children's Forest 

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The Baldivis Children's Forest is excited to announce that a new executive was appointed in June 2019.
The new team is committed to increasing the profile of the forest and is looking forward to
bringing new programs and community events to the forest.
Details of our new committee are below.

Chairperson - Sarah Blake

To contact Sarah please call 0419 841 184 or email [email protected]

Vice chairperson - Kali Langley

Kali has a background in administration, training and management. Having worked in all tiers of government plus the private sector, she has an understanding of what makes a great community. She has a passion for the forest, in particular event and people management, and is excited about the future of the forest. To contact Kali please call her on 0429 066 737 or email [email protected]

Secretary - Emily Lisle
Emily first became involved in the Baldivis Children’s Forest in 2005, as a year 5 student at Baldivis Primary School. Her first experience at the Forest was unlike anything that
she had ever been exposed to before and thus her life-long Forest passion began.  Emily has held various positions over the years including time as co-chairperson. She truly believes in the Forest as an amazing resource for the local community, a place where families can re-engage with each other and where people can disconnect from modern life.  To contact Emily please email [email protected]
Treasurer- Bev Jowle
To contact Bev please email [email protected]

Committee Members

The executive are grateful for the support of the committee members elected in June 2019:

  • Alex Fletcher
  • Behrooz Eslam
  • John Worthy
  • Judith Hill
  • Melissa Karlinski
  • Millie Evans